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Bahati Maison De Noir - Black Mandalay


Burmese are an intelligent and friendly breed and suit all types of people. They have an endearing fun loving and naughty nature. The have a dog-like personality and are always getting up to mischief! They are heat seeking missiles that love to snuggle under the covers in the cold and soak up the sun in the warmth. 


The Mandalay kitten is exactly like a Burmese but just a little more special, with only a handful of breeders in Australia. They have the same outgoing and friendly temperament as Burmese. The solid colour of the Mandalays is rich, dark and glamorous. 

They come in a range of colours, including black, chocolate, lilac, blue, red, cream and tortie colours. There are often Burmese coloured kittens in each litter as well. These are also called Mandalay and are referred to as Mandalay variants or Mandalay AOV.