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Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for the most up to date information on kitten availability and photos.

Due to the increasing popularity of kittens, we now require a waiting list deposit of $100.00, which will be deducted from the cost of a kitten. If you buy a kitten from elsewhere or simply change your mind, unfortunately we do not issue a refund of this deposit.

Please note that there is normally an extended wait for black Mandalay kittens, due to their popularity and limited availability. 

We currently have the following people on our waiting list for kittens:


* Wendy Buckle - lilac variant

* Michelle Numan - chocolate or brown male

* Paul Sinnot - chocolate male


  • We are having a small break from Burmilla breeding, so we are not accepting anyone on our waiting list at the moment.


* Tanya Brimble - 2 x kittens, male or female

* Mel Radford Brown - female

* Wendy Buckle - lilac